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EMSA Newsletter - Zurich December 2016 - www.motorsystems.org

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Electric Motor Systems Annex (EMSA) Newsletter. The number of our readers has reached 4289 people from 74 countries.

The next international conference on Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems will be held on
6 to 8 September 2017 in Rome, Italy. The call for papers is closed.

More information: www.eemods17.org

ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry
The next ACEEE Industrial Summer Study will be held on 15 to 18 August 2017 in Denver, CO, USA. The call for papers is closed.

More information: click here

Motor Summit 2016 Awards
The Motor Summit 2016 (MS'16) was held on 11 to 12 October 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland. The MS'16 Steering Committee has given its MS'16 Award to three renowned and distinguished personalities:
  • Daniel E. Delaney
  • Andrew Baghurst
  • John Malinowski
All information, conference documentation and pictures: www.motorsummit.ch
IEC 60034-30-2: Efficiency classes for motors operated on variable frequency
After positive vote published as TS technical specification on 8 December 2016.

IEC 61800-9-2: Test methods and efficiency classes for converters and motors with converters
A Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) has been prepared. A publication in 2017 as edition 1 is envisaged. A list of topics to be clarified in edition 2 was prepared at the Zurich meeting in October 2016.

ACEE draft guides for energy efficiency
The IEC Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency (ACEE) will meet in Paris France in  December 2016 to review the comments to the latest drafts. The Guides are directed towards standard makers in TC2s that will be guided how to introduce energy eficiency into their specific field.
  • IEC Guide 118, Edition 1: Energy efficiency aspects inclusion in electrotechnical publications
  • IEC Guide 119, Edition 1: Preparation of energy efficiency publications and the use of basic energy efficiency publications and group energy efficiency publications.
 More information: www.iec.ch

Ecodesign updates from the European Union
  • Revision of fan regulation 327/2011: a fan review has been prepared by VHK in March 2015. The last Consultation Forum meeting in Brussels was held on 30 April 2015, the revision is on track. More information: www.fanreview.eu
  • Revision of motor regulation 640/2009: since the presentation of the final preparatory study by Anibal de Almeida et al. in 2014 and the Consultation Forum meeting in September 2014 no new document is currently available.
  • Revision of water pumps regulation 547/2012: a final progress report on the revision and on the results from preparatory studies on pumps in Lot 28 and 29 was presented by VHK and Viegand Magøe in December 2015.
    More information: www.ecopumpreview.eu
  • Compressors: a first Working Document was presented to the Consultation Forum on 23 October 2014. A second technical study by VHK, expected to run until April 2017, is assessing the low pressure and oil free application ranges. A draft interim report was published on 31 March 2016.
    More information: www.eco-compressors.eu
  • Revision of circulator pumps regulation 641/2009: a draft paper by VHK/Viegand Magøe has been discussed at a stakeholder meeting in November 2016 in Brussels.
    More information: www.ecocirculatorsreview.eu

Concern over standstill of Ecodesign regulations
The Steering Committee of the Motor Summit 2016 urged President Juncker of the European Commission in a letter to continue efforts concerning the Ecodesign regulations in the field of electric motors, pumps, fans and compressors. In his reply on behalf of President Juncker, Paul Hodson mentioned the increased efforts of the Commission to move forward with these product groups and announced to communicate to stakeholders as soon as the Commission is ready to proceed with draft legislation.

Letter to President Juncker

Reply from Paul Hodson

Regulation updates from the USAA summary on all rulemakings

US funding for R&D in energy efficient motors
The U.S. Department of Energy announced nearly USD 25 million for 13 projects aimed at advancing technologies for energy-efficient electric motors through applied research and development, by cost-effectively enhancing electric motor components' efficiency, improving performance, and reducing weight.  

More information: click here

Canada: harmonization with US Small Motor Rule
On 29 November 2016 Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) announced Amendment 14 which harmonizes the NRCan motor regulations adding what was the U.S. DOE Small Motor Rule for those motors sold and used in Canada. The Small Motor Rule covers single and three phase general-purpose open motors in NEMA 42, 48 and 56 frames, 1/4 - 3 HP, 2-4-6 poles. The regulation will take effect in spring 2017 after publication in the Canada Gazette. Comments are received until 23 December 2016.

More information: click here

China includes refurbished medium and small motors into China Energy label for motors. From this regulation, refurbished motors should meet the energy efficiency requirement of GB 18613-2012. The motors include 380V, 50Hz, 2, 4 and 6 poles, power range is between 0.75kW to 375kW. This policy was implemented from 1 October 2016.

More information: click here

Australia: consultation on swimming pool pumps
The Equipment Energy Efficiency Program is considering the introduction of regulations in Australia to reduce the energy consumption of pumps used in residential pools and spas. Interested parties are invited to provide comments on a consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) by Wednesday 21 December 2016.

More information: click here
See also: www.energyrating.gov.au

World Energy Outlook 2016
The International Energy Agency published the World Energy Outlook 2016, its flagship publication in November 2016. Within Chapter 7 on energy efficiency outlook, the focus is dedicated to an analysis of electric motor-driven systems, including potential for performance improvement, different scenarios and policy recommendations.

More information: click here

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4E EMSA Policy Guidelines for Motor Driven Units
4E EMSA has published Part 1 of its Policy Guidelines for Motor Driven Units in October 2016. The report assesses options for increasing the international alignment of standards and energy efficiency regulations for Motor Driven Units (MDUs), focusing on pumps, fans and compressors. Part 2 with policy recommendations is expected to be published in the fall of 2017.

More information: www.motorsystems.org/policy-publications

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EMSA is the Electric Motor Systems Annex of the International Energy Agency's Technology Collaboration Programme on Energy Efficient End-use Equipment 4E. Currently Australia, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, USA and Switzerland participate actively in EMSA. Canada, France, Japan, Korea, Sweden and United Kingdom participate in other 4E Annexes. The third EMSA program phase is running until October 2017.

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