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EMSA Newsletter - Zurich June 2017 - www.motorsystems.org

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Electric Motor Systems Annex (EMSA) Newsletter. The number of our readers has reached 5014 people from 75 countries.

EEMODS'17 in Rome
The next international conference on Energy Efficency in Motor Driven Systems will be held on 6 to 8 September 2017 in Rome, Italy.
Registration and more information: www.eemods17.org.
Papers from the 4E EMSA group members include:
  • Andrew Baghurst: The role and traceability of torque measurements in the determination of induction motor losses and efficiency
  • Conrad U. Brunner. Energy efficient pump systems for Indian agriculture
  • Konstantin Kulterer: Audit Methodology for Motor Driven Systems with Reference to International Standards
  • Sandie B. Nielsen: The Motor Systems Tool - A new level
  • Rolf Tieben: Swiss training for Industrial Energy Optimization
  • Maarten van Werkhoven: 4E EMSA Policy Guidelines for Motor Driven Units
  • Maarten van Werkhoven: Integrated national program on Motor Systems
  • Rita Werle: Is management a key driver of energy performance?

ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry
The next ACEEE Industrial Summer Study will be held on 15 to 18 August 2017 in Denver, CO, USA.
Registration and more information: www.aceee.org


Motor Summit Switzerland 2017
The Motor Summit Switzerland (MS'17) will be held on 21 November 2017 in Zurich, Switzerland. This will be the first "national only" Motor Summit with conference languages German and French.
All information and registration: www.motorsummit.ch.
The next international Motor Summit will be held in the fall of 2018.
IEC 60034-30-2: Efficiency classes for motors operated on variable frequency
Now newly published as technical specification. 

IEC 61800-9-2: Test methods and efficiency classes for converters and motors with converters
After a positive vote, it has been published as international standard in March 2017. 

Advisory Committee on Energy Effciency (ACEE): Guides for energy efficiency
The two Guides 118 and 119 are directed towards standard makers in Technical Committees that will be advised how to introduce energy efficiency into their specific field of application. After a positive vote, they have both been published in March 2017:
  • IEC Guide 118, Edition 1: Energy efficiency aspects inclusion in electrotechnical publications
  • IEC Guide 119, Edition 1: Preparation of energy efficiency publications and the use of basic energy efficiency publications and group energy efficiency publications.
 More information: www.iec.ch

Ecodesign updates from the European Union
  • Revision of fan regulation 327/2011: a Fan Review has been prepared by VHK in March 2015. The last Consultation Forum meeting was held on 30 April 2015. The Impact Assessment and drafting of the implementing measure is ongoing and to be concluded end of 2017.
    More information: fanreview.eu
  • Revision of motor regulation 640/2009: since the presentation of the final preparatory study by Anibal de Almeida et al. in 2014 and the Consultation Forum meeting in September 2014 no new document is currently available. The Impact Assessment is ongoing.

  • Revision of water pumps regulation 547/2012: the revision and the results from preparatory studies on pumps in Lot 28 and 29 were presented by VHK and Viegand Magøe at a stakeholder meeting in February 2016. A next meeting has been announced for late 2017. More information: www.ecopumpreview.eu
  • Compressors: the final report on Standard Air compressors has been published on 6 June 2014. The Impact Assessment is ongoing. A second technical study by VHK is assessing the low pressure and oil free application ranges. A draft final report was published on 10 February 2017 and a second stakeholder meeting was held on 21 March 2017. Meetings are planned for early 2018.
    More information: eco-compressors.eu
  • Revision of circulator pumps regulation 641/2009: a draft paper by VHK/Viegand Magøe has been discussed at a stakeholder meeting in November 2016 in Brussels.
    More information: ecocirculatorsreview.eu
An overview and update from 18 April 2017 for all current Ecodesign regulations is available : List of ecodesign measures

Regulation updates from the USA

The introduction of mandatory minimum energy performance standards in India is imminent: after having a voluntary standard and a 5-star label from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) for 2-, 4- and 6-pole motors from 0.37 kW to 375 kW for many years, the Minimum Energy Performance Standard for IE2 is going to be introduced from 1 October 2017. Also, the labelling of the efficiency of electric motors according to Indian Standards is becoming mandatory.

Motor Decisions Matter achieves goals, concludes campaign
For fifteen years, the Motor Decisions Matter marketing campaign in the USA served as a source of credible information about the benefits of efficient motors, providing tools, resources, and communications. The campaign is coming to a successful close.
Resources are still available here: www.cee1.org

DeCarbEurope campaign
DecarbEurope is a multichannel media campaign initiated by European Copper Institute with the support of ten industry associations and two media partners. The goal is to engage decision makers in policy and industry with cost-effective technical solutions that each reduce European greenhouse gas emissions by 100 to 500 million tons per year, including electric motor systems.
More information: www.decarbeurope.org
Download recent report
4E EMSA Policy Guidelines for Motor Driven Units
4E EMSA will publish Part 2 of its Policy Guidelines for Motor Driven Units in the fall of 2017. Following Part 1, the report will focus on benefits of and will show policy recommendations for increasing the international alignment of standards and energy efficiency regulations for Motor Driven Units (MDUs), focusing on pumps, fans and compressors.

More information: www.motorsystems.org/policy-publications

Part 1

full report

Part 1


Linking Energy Management Systems & Motor Efficiency Incentive Policies
The Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment Initiative recently published a report exploring ways for energy efficiency programs to achieve greater savings in the industrial sector. It provides insights on optimizing energy efficiency programs to get the most out of energy management systems and unlock energy savings from motor-related measures. Programs in Canada, South Africa, and the United States were examined.

More information: www.superefficient.org

Best regards,

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Rita Werle
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EMSA is the Electric Motor Systems Annex of the International Energy Agency's Technology Collaboration Programme on Energy Efficient End-use Equipment 4E. Currently Australia, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, USA and Switzerland participate actively in EMSA. Canada, France, Japan, Korea, Sweden and United Kingdom participate in other 4E Annexes. The third EMSA program phase is running until October 2017.

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