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EMSA Newsletter December 2014 - www.motorsystems.org

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Electric Motor Systems Annex (EMSA) Newsletter. The number of our readers is ever-growing, now reaching some 3'941 people from 74 countries. We appreciate your valuable feedback and comments.

EMSA has a new Operating Agent since 1 November 2014: Maarten van Werkhoven is taking over from Conrad U. Brunner for the next program phase until 2017. Rita Werle continues as EMSA Program Coordinator and editor in chief of the EMSA Newsletter.


ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry
The 11th Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry will take place between 4 and 6 August 2015 at Hyatt Regency in Buffalo, NY, USA. Participants are expected from all around the world to discuss policy, technology, financing and program administration for increased energy efficiency in industry.

More information: www.aceee.org/conferences/2015/ssi

EEMODS'15 in Finland
The 9th international conference on energy efficiency in motor driven systems will take place from 15 to 17 September in Helsinki, Finland. Participants will debate latest technological advances, international harmonization of test methods, policies and programs, financing and energy management concerning energy efficiency in motor systems.

More information: www.eemods15.info

Motor Summit 2014
The fifth Motor Summit took place on 7 - 9 October 2014 in Zurich Switzerland with 180 participants from 25 countries. The conference was a success: 96% of the participants providing feedback said they will come again in 2016!

Presentations, proceedings and photographs: www.motorsummit.ch

Standards & regulations

IEC 60034-30-1 ed1.0 (IE-Code) published
The new international classification standard IEC 60034-30-1 (2014) with efficiency classes of line operated AC motors includes IE4 Super Premium Efficiency motors and 8-pole motors in the output range from 0.12 to 1000 kW in 50 Hz and 60 Hz.
IEC 60034-30-2 with efficiency classes for motors rated for variable frequency supply is under development.

Buy IEC 60034-30-1 in English/French, hardcopy or pdf.

IEC 60034-2-1 ed2.0 published
The new international testing standard IEC 60034-2-1 (2014) with methods for loss determination of 3-phase machines with rated output power up to 2 MW was published. It defines 2-1-1B as the preferred method: summation of separate losses. Additional load loss  determined by the method of residual loss.

Buy IEC 60034-2-1 in English/French, hardcopy or pdf.

IEC 61800-9 has started
The new work item proposal for IEC 61800-9 for efficiency classes and loss determination of converters and motors with converters has been approved. IEC SC22G WG18 “Energy efficiency of adjustable speed electric power drive systems”, under the convenor Tim Schumann, is guiding the work that should be completed in 2017. If you would like to follow the development, send a mail to info@motorsystems.org

Regulation updates from the USA
The U.S. Department of Energy:

  • Published a final rule for energy conservation standards for commercial and industrial electric motors on 29 May 2014, extending the scope of covered motors. This rule saves more energy than any rule ever published by DOE before, estimated at 5.3 TWh/a. The effective date of the rule is 28 July 2014, compliance is required starting from 1 June 2016.
  • Issued a pre-publication Federal Register notice of data availability regarding energy conservation standards for commercial and industrial fans and blowers on 3 December 2014.
  • Established minimum requirements for small electric motors. Compliance starts from:
    • 9 March 2015 for motors manufactured alone or as a component of another piece of non-covered equipment and distributed in commerce.
    • 9 March 2017 for motors where listing or certification by a nationally recognized safety testing laboratory is required.
A summary on all rulemakings

European Union: Ecodesign Lot 30 for special motors
In the European Ecodesign for energy-using products, Lot 30 on Motors and Drives, the technical preparatory study, directed by Anibal de Almeida in collaboration with Hugh Falkner and João Fong, has been published in July 2014 (www.eco-motors-drives.eu). The study concentrated on the expansion of the scope for Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) towards smaller (down to 0.12 kW) and larger (up to 1000 kW) low voltage motors. It includes also advanced technologies with permanent magnet and synchronous reluctance motors as well as induction motors using variable frequency drives (VFD) for load control.

Revision of the Commission Regulation on motors (no 640/2009)
Based on the findings of the preparatory study of Lot 30, a first Working Draft for a revised regulation was circulated by the European Commission and discussed with the representatives of the European Union member countries in the meeting of the Consultation Forum on 29 September 2014 in Brussels. The draft contains the proposal to expand the MEPS to 0.12 kW to 1000 kW and to also include MEPS for VFD. See the presentation of Marcos Gonzalez Álvarez (DG ENER) from 8 October 2014 at the Motor Summit 2014. 

U.S. motor market assessment update
A new legislation is proposed for the U.S. Department of Energy to update its 2002 motor market assessment report and assess the stock of motors and motor systems, purchase and maintenance practices and savings opportunities, as well as to establish a public awareness program for saving opportunities, procurement and management practices and criteria for replacement/repair decisions.

More information: www.aceee.org/blog/2014/02/new-legislation-would-direct-long-ove

Topmotors China: launch of pilot program in Zhenjiang
In July 2014 the Topmotors China Pilot Program was launched in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, China. The program is supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the local government. Top10 China, a Chinese consultancy conducts motor systems audits and capacity building in pilot plants, introducing international best practices in technology and management.

For more information visit www.top10.cn/english.html or contact zheng.tan@top10.cn.

EMSA Policy Guidelines for Electric Motor Systems
EMSA has published Policy Guidelines for Electric Motor Systems that offer a toolkit for policy makers to reach market transformation for efficient electric motor systems.

The Guidelines show different policy measures, recommendations for successful policy implementation and best practice policy examples from all over the world.

Implementing a mix of measures in interaction with different stakeholders is proposed to deliver maximum energy efficiency gains:

Download: www.motorsystems.org/policy-publications

SEAD Global Efficiency Medal Competition for Electric Motors
The award ceremony for the SEAD Global Efficiency Medal Competition for Electric Motors took place on 7 October 2014 at the Motor Summit in Zurich.

The SEAD Awards focused on mid-sized general-purpose induction motors (0.75 kW (1 hp) – 375 kW (500 hp)). Awards were given in three regions and to a global winner.

Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) is an initiative under the Clean Energy Ministerial.

More information and winners: www.clasponline.org/en/Resources/Resources/Headlines/2014/SEAD-GEM-Motors-Competition-Winner-Announcement.aspx

Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency
The International Energy Agency has recently published a report about capturing the multiple benefits of energy efficiency, assessing five main benefits areas: macroeconomic development, public budgets, health and well-being, industrial productivity and energy delivery.

 The report can be purchased at www.iea.org.

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EMSA is the Electric Motor Systems Annex of the International Energy Agency's Implementing Agreement on Energy Efficient End-use Equipment 4E. Currently Australia, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, USA and Switzerland participate actively in EMSA. Canada, France, Japan, Korea, Sweden and United Kingdom participate in other 4E Annexes.
The third EMSA program phase is running until 2017 with Maarten van Werkhoven as the new Operating Agent, taking over from Conrad U. Brunner.

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