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EMSA Newsletter July 2015 - www.motorsystems.org

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Electric Motor Systems Annex (EMSA) Newsletter. The number of our readers has reached 4'512 people from 76 countries.

Motor Summit China
The first Motor Summit China was held on 10/11 July 2015 in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province, with 250 participants from industry, university, government and NGOs. Both the public and the Chinese government officials were interested in the results of the Zhenjiang Topmotors pilot projects presented by Chinese factories for cement and chemistry. International experts reported on new technology development and new policies from Japan, USA and Europe.
See conference proceedings, photos and summaries on www.motorsummit.cn.

ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry
The 11th Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry will be held on 4 to 6 August 2015 at Hyatt Regency in Buffalo, NY, USA. Participants are expected from all around the world to discuss policy, technology, financing and program administration for increased energy efficiency in industry. More information: www.aceee.org/conferences/2015/ssi

EEMODS'15 in Finland
The 9th international conference on energy efficiency in motor driven systems will take place from 15 to 17 September in Helsinki, Finland. Pre-booked hotel rooms are available until 3 August on a first come, first served basis. For all information, including the detailed program with speakers, registration, booking meeting rooms for side events and hotel rooms go to: www.eemods15.info.
Standards & regulations
IEC 60034-30-2: Efficiency classes for motors operated on variable frequency
A second Committee Draft (CD) has been out for comments until 19 June 2015. The results will be discussed at the next Working Group meeting in October 2015 in Berlin.

IEC 61800-9-2: Test methods and efficiency classes for converters and motors with converters
A first Committee Draft for Voting (CDV) is out for comments and votes until 11 September 2015. It includes the new interpolation model with 7 operating points. After several international test results have shown that the proposed reference losses for converters in the European standard EN 50598-2 on the IE1 level are too high, there are two challenging questions to improve the global standard:
  • Should the converter's reference losses for IE1 be lowered?
  • Should a further efficiency class IE3 for converters and motors plus converters be introduced?
The comments and votes on the CDV will be discussed at the next Working Group meeting in November 2015 in Los Angeles.

ACEE draft guides for energy efficiency
The IEC Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency (ACEE) introduced two new draft guides for energy efficiency which shall guide the IEC Technical Committees to include this important topic in all relevant standards:
  • Energy Efficiency aspects inclusion in electrotechnical standards,
  • Preparation of the Energy Efficiency (EE) Publications and the use of Basic EE publications and Group EE publications.
The ACEE will convene in Korea in September 2015 to discuss the next drafts. The final guides are expected to be published in 2016.

Ecodesign updates from the European Union
  • Revision of Fan directive 327/2011
    After the last Consultation Forum meeting in Brussels on 30 April 2015, the revision is on track. The number of fan types will be reduced. A new level for fan efficiency, after the currently introduced requirements on 1 January 2015, will be introduced in 2020.
  • Revision of Motor directive 640/2009
    The revision is under way since the Consultation Forum meeting in September 2014. A new draft regulation is expected in September 2015.

Regulation updates from the USA
  • Pumps:
    • Draft test procedure and draft regulation were published in April 2015.
    • Energy efficiency standards for pool pumps are being considered. Comment period for request for information until 17 August 2015.
  • Fans & Blowers: minimum requirements are being considered.
  • Air compressors: test procedure and minimum requirements are being considered. Framework Document released in February 2014.
  • Electric motors: compliance to minimum requirements for an extended scope of motors starts from 1 June 2016.
  • Small electric motors: compliance to minimum requirements started on 9 March 2015.
A summary on all rulemakings

Global passport for motors under way
The IECEE Global Motor Energy Efficiency Program was approved in June 2015. IECEE is the Worldwide System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrotechnical Equipment and Components. The program aims to establish a "global passport" for electric motors, using one test method (IEC 60034-2-1), one test report, one certification and one label in all participating countries. The official program launch will take place at the EEMODS'15 conference on 15 - 17 September in Helsinki.

Extended Motor Product Label Initiative data collection
The US Extended Motor Product Label Initiative (EMPLI) is a collaborative effort, led by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, to develop new energy performance labels for pumps, fans and compressors as a basis for energy efficiency programs with prescribed savings values. EMPLI is currently seeking data on water pumping system operating hours and loads to determine average potential savings. If you want to contribute, fill in the data collection sheet and submit it electronically to NEMA Business Information Services at harrisons@nema.org. All individual company data will remain confidential. More information: www.aceee.org/blog/2015/07/we-need-your-data

Electrical Apparatus Service Association Accreditation Program
The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) launched in July 2014 an international Accreditation Program for quality motor repair. The goal of the program is to assure that service centers use prescribed good practices to maintain the efficiency and reliability of electric motors during electrical and mechanical repair. Service centers are assessed by independent third-party auditing. In May 2015, the program counted 45 service centers. More information and application: www.easa.com/accreditation

IHS market reports: motors, pumps, fans and compressors
IHS has revised its global reports for the following products, publishing in November 2015. See summaries at:The 2015 Low Voltage Motors study was published on 7 July 2015.
For more information contact Preston Reine at Preston.Reine@ihs.com.

EMSA Leonardo webinars
The 4E Electric Motor Systems Annex and the Danish Technological Institute will deliver a series of six webinars on the platform www.leonardo-energy.org from October 2015 on the following topics:
  1. Motor systems: relevance and savings potential
  2. Optimization of motor systems: how to use the EMSA Motor Systems Tool
  3. Implementing successful policies: how to use the EMSA 
    Policy Guidelines for Electric Motor Systems
  4. Efficient pumps
  5. Efficient fans
  6. Efficient cooling systems, compressors
Exact dates will be announced at www.motorsystems.org

EMSA will deliver a number of presentations at EEMODS'15 in Helsinki:
Loading Means for the Measurement of Converter Loss and EfficiencyAndrew Baghurst
STRATEGY 2030 – How Can Motor Systems Deliver Their Expected Share of Energy Savings?Conrad U. Brunner & Maarten van Werkhoven
VELANI - Strategy to Speed-up Replacement of Old Motor SystemsConrad U. Brunner
Industry Engagement and Challenges to Transforming the Market for Super-Efficient Motors: The SEAD Global Efficiency MedalChad Gallinat & Debbie Karpay Weyl
Policy Guidelines for Electric Motor SystemsKonstantin Kulterer
Testing of Power Drive Systems (PDS) – A Joint Test Program toward a Harmonized StandardSandie B. Nielsen & Pierre Angers
Review of Energy Efficiency Measurement Standards for Power Drive Systems (PDS), Complete Drive Modules (CDM) or Electric Motors Driven by ConvertersSandie B. Nielsen & Pierre Angers
EASY- Lessons Learned from Four Years of the Swiss EASY Audit and Incentive ProgramRolf Tieben
Green Deal – Results and Lessons Learned in 2 Years of Cooperation of Industry and Government in the Dutch Green Deal Program on Motor SystemsMaarten van Werkhoven
Training Program for Energy Management and Technology in Industry (ET&M)Rita Werle

2014 4E Annual Report
The 2014 4E Annual Report contains details of all activities undertaken by the 4E Implementing Agreement during the 2014 calendar year, including key achievements and the summaries of the activities of each of the 4E Annexes.More: www.iea-4e.org/news/2014-annual-report

SEAD Policy Exchange Forum
The SEAD Policy Exchange Forum is an informal, global, voluntary government-to-government discussion forum where policy makers can share best practices and lessons learned related to accelerating the global pace of progress for energy-efficient equipment, including electric motors.To participate or for more information send an e-mail to sead@superefficient.org

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Maarten van Werkhoven
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EMSA is the Electric Motor Systems Annex of the International Energy Agency's Implementing Agreement on Energy Efficient End-use Equipment 4E. Currently Australia, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, USA and Switzerland participate actively in EMSA. Canada, France, Japan, Korea, Sweden and United Kingdom participate in other 4E Annexes.
The third EMSA program phase is running until 2017 with Maarten van Werkhoven as the new Operating Agent, taking over from Conrad U. Brunner.

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