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EMSA Newsletter - June 2023

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Electric Motor Systems Annex (EMSA) Newsletter.
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Save the date: Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems 2024

The next international conference on Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems will take place on 3 – 5 September 2024 in Lucerne, Switzerland. Three days of in-depth discussion with international experts, a social dinner on 4 September 2024 in a relaxed atmosphere and much more awaits you. Save the date or preregister on the website. Sponsoring information available on demand.

More information
Preregister (ask for a reminder)

Save the date: EMSA workshop on digitalisation

EMSA will host an online workshop on 19 September 2023 13:00 – 15:00 CEST (UTC+2) on the following topic: How can digitalisation in industrial electric motor driven systems contribute to saving more energy? Stay tuned!

Programme and registration will follow here
For more information contact Konstantin.Kulterer@energyagency.at

China: new minimum requirements for submersible motor-pumps

The new standard "GB 32030-2022 Minimum allowable values of energy efficiency and energy efficiency grades for submersible motor-pumps" was published on 29 December 2022. Compliance will take effect from 1 January 2024.

More information (in Chinese)

European Commission regulatory update
  • Motors & Variable Speed Drives (EC 2019/1781): from 1 July 2023, motors with a rated output between 75 kW and 200 kW must meet the requirements of efficiency class IE4 (or better). A review of the regulation is due in 2023 but delayed in view of competing priorities.
  • Circulators (EC 641/2009): Impact Assessment paused due to competing priorities.
  • Pumps (EC 547/2012): Impact Assessment received positive opinion and will be revised with a view to address the comments received.
  • Fans (EC 327/2011): Consultation Forum on 9 June 2023 focusing on certain aspects that have evolved since last Consultation Forum in April 2022.
  • Air Compressors: no new requirements are foreseen in near future.
More information

USA regulatory update

Electric motors

  • The Department of Energy (DOE) published a final rule regarding test procedures for electric motors on 19 October 2022. It expands scope, adds definitions, an appropriate metric, and test procedures for air-over electric motors, electric motors greater than 500 horsepower, electric motors considered small, inverter-only electric motors, and synchronous electric motors. Representations on motor efficiency are required to be made in accordance with new test results beginning 17 April 2023, although DOE granted extensions until 17 September 2023 for manufacturers requesting an extension. 
  • DOE has issued a pre-publication direct final rule and notice of proposed rulemaking regarding energy conservation standards for electric motors on 5 May 2023. If finalised, this would require IE4 as the minimum level for motors between 100 and 250 HP and new standards for air-over motors and motors between 500 and 750 HP.
Small electric motors
  • DOE has published a notice of proposed determination pertaining to energy conservation standards for small electric motors on 6 February 2023. DOE has initially determined that amended standards for small electric motors would not be cost-effective, and, thus, is not proposing to amend its standards for this equipment.
Dedicated-purpose pool pump motors
  • DOE published a notice of proposed rule pertaining to energy conservation standards for this equipment on 21 June 2022. The proposal would match the California requirements for motors to be variable speed above 0.5 THP (total horse power).
  • DOE published a final rule pertaining to test procedures for pumps on 24 March 2023. Representations on pump efficiency are required to be made in accordance with new test results beginning 20 September 2023. DOE published a notice of data availability pertaining to energy conservation standards for pumps on 11 August 2022.
Circulator pumps
  • DOE published a notice of proposed rulemaking proposing energy conservation standards for circulator pumps on 6 December 2022. DOE published a final rule concerning a test procedure for circulator pumps on 19 September 2022.
Dedicated-purpose pool pumps
Fans and blowers
  • DOE published a notice of data availability pertaining to energy conservation standards for fans and blowers on 13 October 2022. DOE published a final rule to establish a test procedure for fans and blowers, including air circulating fans, on 1 May 2023. DOE established FEI as the metric to evaluate fan performance, other than air circulating fans. The effective date is 31 May 2023.
Air compressors
Rebate program
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New energy savings regulation in The Netherlands includes analysis of electric motor systems

For companies with an annual energy consumption of more than 10 million kWh of electric energy or 170’000 m3 of natural gas (equivalent) it is mandatory to investigate their energy use and CO2 emissions and report on their reduction options.
A new element of this 4-yearly analysis and reporting is an analysis of the electric motor systems and, in particular, the energy saving measures. The report includes an implementation plan of the identified cost-effective measures, i.e. a payback time below 5 years, must be implemented.

More details (in Dutch)

Electric motors and digitalisation: quo vadis?

What is the status of digitalisation of electric motors and what are the main opportunities? Answers to these and other questions are given by EMSA representative Konstantin Kulterer, Senior Expert in Commerce and Industry at the Austrian Energy Agency.

Read interview

Need support with the EMSA Motor Systems Tool?

Did you download EMSA’s Motor Systems Tool and have questions about it? From now on, you can send your questions to our experts at mst@iea-4e.org!

More about the Motor Systems Tool

Almost all Variable Speed Drives on the market easily reach IE2

EMSA organised an international round robin testing programme for Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) in cooperation with IEC SC22G/WG18, to support the revision of IEC 61800-9-2 with science-based evidence.

The Round Robin has shown that almost all VSDs on the market easily reach the IE2 class. Further differentiation of the efficiency classification of VSDs would be possible by adding more classes and revising the threshold for each class.

A Policy Brief is now available highlighting the main results of the Round Robin.

Download Policy Brief with main results
Download complete report

Coordination and alignment of IEC & ISO standards for motor systems with EMSA’s engagement

A new Policy Brief highlights how EMSA’s initiative led to the establishment of the Joint Working Group JAG 22 of IEC and ISO. The goal of JAG 22 is to coordinate and align standards for motor systems between IEC and ISO. Work has been launched on how to integrate electric motor and converter relevant methods and data from IEC standards into an ISO fan standard.

Download Policy Brief 
For more information, contact Maarten van Werkhoven:

EMSA Policy Guidelines now available in Chinese!

The EMSA Policy Guidelines for Motor Driven Units Part 1 and Part 2 are now available in Chinese:

  • Part 1 describes existing standards and regulations for pumps, fans and compressors
  • Part 2 proposes policy options for the international alignment of technical standards and minimum energy performance standards for pumps, fans and compressors.

Download Part 1
Download Part 2

Largest inventory of US motors online

The largest known public database of US industrial and commercial motor systems is now online. This is one of the outcomes of the motor systems market assessment, a large five-year study funded by DOE and led by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Roughly half of motors are running at less than 75% of full load. Right-sizing those motors or adding variable frequency drives would save 82 million tonnes of CO2, equal to taking one in nine homes off fossil fuels. The results are summarised in three comprehensive reports:

More information

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